The Laclede Group, a St. Louis-based diversified natural gas holding company, purchased MGE in September, 2013 for $975 million solidifying its position as the largest natural gas distribution company in the State of Missouri. Laclede intends to relocate its call center to St. Louis.

On February 28, 2014 Laclede Gas Company announced its plans to terminate 225 employees at its Kansas City MGE call center located at 3420 Broadway.

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Tell MGE to Save Kansas City Jobs

What This Loss Means…

The loss of 225 jobs in Kansas City* is equivalent to the loss of these local employers:

  • Andrews McMeel Universal/Publishing LLC – 220 employees
  • Asurion – 200 employees
  • Avila University – 212 employees
  • BKD, LLP – 226 employees
  • Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. – 200 employees
  • Ernst & Young LLP – 205 employees
  • Gerson Co. – 200 employees
  • Helzberg’s Diamond Co. – 229 employees
  • Lafayette Regional Health Center (HCA) – 200 employees
  • Major Brands, Inc. – 200 employees
  • National Starch & Chemical Co. – 220 employees
  • Oak Grove School District – 220 employees
  • Populous – 200 employees
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP – 227 employees
  • Reece and Nichols – 193 employees
  • Russell Stover Candies, Inc. – 200 employees
  • SureWest Communications – 205 employees
  • Tension Envelope – 231 employees
  • Westlake Hardware, Inc. – 250 employees


“I was born and raised in Kansas City. This is our home and the place where we want our children to grow up close to our families. I have a good career at MGE, and I can provide for my wife and kids.” -Luis

“I have worked at MGE in Kansas City for over ten years, and the people I work with are like family. My husband and I both have put a lot into our jobs, our children’s schools, and our community.” Jolie

“MGE is a good place to work. I have spent 27 years at the gas company, working my way up to Lead Senior Customer Service Representative. This job has given me the security I need as a single parent. I know that if I lose my job with MGE, it will be very difficult to find another job which has the same kind of wages and benefits upon which my niece and I depend.” -Tracy

“When my husband passed away, I was so grateful to have a job that allows me to support myself. MGE is a good company to work for and they were there for me after my husband’s death. Now that I am on my own and getting older, I need this job more than ever.” -Beckie

“I joined MGE in 1998 and it has been a great place to work. They gave me the skills and training that I needed to advance in my career. I am very proud to work here, and everyone I work with does their best to provide the customers in Kansas City with the best possible service.” -Paul

* Employment data collected from Think KC >

Tell MGE to Save Kansas City Jobs

The Impacts of the Relocation of the MGE Call Center Are Significant

Loss of 1% Kansas City Earnings Tax
Everyone who is employed in Kansas City pays an annual 1% earning tax, regardless of their city of residency. This money is used to maintain infrastructure, roads, sewers, water service in the City of Kansas City.

Loss of Knowledgeable Call Center Staff to Kansas City Area Customers
The call center employees live and work here. They have the knowledge and familiarity with Kansas City that allows them to provide a level of customer service that is superior to an out-of-town call center. In the case of a gas emergency in your home, business, school, or neighborhood, skilled and experienced customer service is critical to safety and response.

Office Space Vacancy in the Urban Core
Laclede Gas currently leases 136,000 square feet of office space at 3420 Broadway. Closing the MGE call center will vacate this occupied space.

Loss of “good jobs” for Kansas Citians.
Laclede has not indicated that any current employees will be offered the option to relocate to St. Louis or any relocation package. These jobs will simply be eliminated.

Economic Impact on Kansas City Midtown
Employees at MGE eat and shop close to work. They purchase gas, groceries, meals and more.

Loss of Population and School Enrollment
Employees laid off from MGE may wish to apply for new positions with the company in St. Louis. Many of these employees have had long careers in the call center and possess extensive training and experience.